Children baking: symbolic of "All the Flours of the World"
Children baking: symbolic of "All the Flours of the World"

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"All the Flours of the World"

art and flour – a Worldwide Gallery of Flour Sacks
flour art museum – a Worldwide Gallery of Flour Sacks
The book to accompany the collection in English/German, 349 pages, published by Robert Wenzel Verlag, price 35.- EUR/47 USD, ISBN: 978-3-9807275-6-3. Order our book “flour art museum”

We help orphans in St. Petersburg
We help orphans in St. Petersburg

Mühlenchemie is proud of its commitment

Of course we act first and foremost in the interests of our customers, but we also feel our company has obligations that go beyond the field of business.

Vitaminized flour for the world

In many countries women and children, especially, suffer from severe deficiency symptoms caused by an inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals. In particular they lack iron, folate and other micro-nutrients. This can be counteracted effectively by fortifying staple foods such as flour.

Mühlenchemie has tackled this task and developed suitable vitamin and mineral premixes that meet the strict requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). We have become a global player in this field and make an important contribution to a better supply of vitamins.

Flour sacks are true works of art – around the globe

One morning in 1998 Volkmar Wywiol was taking a walk on the beach in Dubai when he found an empty flour sack that had been washed ashore. The sack roused his curiosity; it travelled back to Ahrensburg with him, and the idea for a collection was born.
The employees and business associates of Mühlenchemie were fascinated by the idea too. To date they have collected more than 3,600 exhibits from over 140 countries for the “Gallery of Flour Sacks” (at 11/2018). The exhibits show the tremendous importance flour has as one of man’s basic foods.

art and flour – a Worldwide Gallery of Flour Sacks

The flower sacks have been displayed in frames in our buildings in Ahrensburg and Wittenburg since 2004. We included the best exhibits in the first edition of our book “flour art museum – a Worldwide Gallery of Flour Sacks” that gave an impressive overview of the history and significance of flour. Now the third, much enlarged edition of the book is available and can be bought at bookshops for EUR 35.- (ISBN: 978-3-9807275-6-3). Of course you can order the book from us too.
We have the vision that this collection will make the great worldwide community of wheat millers comprehensible in an unusual way. View the Gallery of Flour Sacks now in the Internet at (new window).

June 2008 sees the opening of the FlourWorld Museum (new window) in Wittenburg (Mecklenburg) which is dedicated to showcasing the gallery of flour sacks.

Do you know a proverb about corn? Write and tell us.

Corn, flour and bread are familiar to everyone throughout the world, as proverbs in all languages show. What do people say where you live? Let us have a typical proverb about grain, baking or mills from your country! Send your proverb by e-mail to:

Do we have your flour sack in our collection?

We will be pleased to include your flour sack in our collection if you haven’t sent it to us already. Every mill with a new sack is welcome. We will be even more pleased if you tell us something about the meaning of your flour-sack motif. Thank you for taking part!

Long-term promotion of specific projects

Besides making donations to international relief organizations, Mühlenchemie feels a need to support specific projects. These are a few examples: In Ghana we seek to help orphaned children. We assist five children by paying for their accommodation, meals, clothing and school fees. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, we support organizations that give street children a future, and in St. Petersburg, Russia, we help the children at an orphanage.

And we are active in Germany too. In Ahrensburg we support an initiative for reading to children of pre-school age. And we promote the “Fuchs-Mobil” (“Fox Van”) idea of the German nature conservation organization NABU, a mobile environmental protection unit for children and young people. The minibus is equipped with magnifying glasses, hand-nets, sieves and similar devices for biological and ecological excursions.