The Managing Directors:  Lennart Kutschinski

The Managing Director:
Lennart Kutschinski

Mühlenchemie’s headquarters: architecture as a symbol of innovation.
Mühlenchemie’s headquarters: architecture as a symbol of innovation.

The historic stone mill in the foyer symbolizes the company’s milling tradition.
The historic stone mill in the foyer symbolizes the company’s milling tradition.

Mühlenchemie as a company: we build quality into flour

Flour is a natural product and therefore subject to fluctuations in quality. But uniform quality is a “must” for bakers and millers. Mühlenchemie offers intelligent solutions for flour standardization and flour improvement. They include Enzyme Systems, bromate substitutes, ascorbic acid, oxidizing agents, vitamins and minerals, and also baking premixes for ready-mixed and composite flours.

With our internationally established enzyme preparations ALPHAMALT, POWERZYM, PASTAZYM and TIGERZYM we have created pioneering solutions in the field of flour improvement.

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Everything revolves on our customers' wishes

As a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe we are an owner-managed company independent of the big organizations. That enables us to give all our attention to our customers. We are proud of our short routes, quick decisions and entrepreneurial courage, the pillars of our corporate philosophy.

Mühlenchemie regards itself first and foremost as a customer-oriented service provider, and only secondly as a manufacturer. We are constantly developing new, innovative products and functional systems in response to customers’ requests. In personal meetings we ascertain their wishes and requirements in respect of new products and improvements to existing brands. We define the frame of reference and work out a solution with our specialists.

Enterprise: the spirit of our employees

Mühlenchemie’s employees are the driving force behind our innovations. Each of them has a very wide scope for decision-making and bears the responsibility that goes with it. That enables us to act quickly in our customers’ interests.

Our dealings with each other are open, frank and highly communicative. This team spirit across the limits of the individual specialist firms is one of the decisive factors that makes us just that much quicker and better than the rest as a manufacturer of food ingredients.

We think and act internationally

Mühlenchemie’s headquarters is in Ahrensburg, just north of Hamburg. The production plant is in Wittenburg. The company is represented through offices of its own in other European countries and in Asia. In this way we are able to open up new markets throughout the world and operate efficiently in each of them.