The MC Navigators – Mühlenchemie’s posters for users

The MC Navigators – Mühlenchemie’s posters for users
Our know-how in your service: MC Navigator “Baking” and MC Navigator “Rheology”. Order the posters free of charge.

Our research into grain
Our research into grain

Our know-how in your service

Not only does Mühlenchemie know what flours consist of and which baking techniques will be successful; it also willingly shares its knowledge with customers. To do so we organize international congresses on the subject of flour improvement. On this website you can read the papers that have been held and also our regular newsletter and the latest results of our research.

On these pages you will find information and know-how to help you with your daily work. Under the heading “Expert Knowledge” there are scientific papers that can be downloaded. Under “Questions and Answers” you will find solutions for all fields of milling and baking. The helpful content also includes a glossary and a page on which you can order more information material.

The MC Navigators – Mühlenchemie’s posters for users

Do proteases promote softening of the dough? Is Alphamalt BK 5020 more suitable than Alphamalt HCC for preventing cracks in crackers? How do you make sure that biscuits don’t crumble?

A glance at Mühlenchemie’s two Navigator posters will answer your questions immediately. The posters were developed by our flour and baking specialists. They will guide you quickly and easily through our range of over 500 flour improvers.

MC Navigator 1: Baking

This poster for users concentrates on baking properties; it will guide you reliably through Mühlenchemie’s product range. It describes such things as the effect of POWERZYM 6000 on baked volume and the characteristics of ALPHAMALT BX in the Alveograph.
MC Navigator 1: Baking. Order the poster free of charge.

MC Navigator 2: Rheology

This poster for users will show you the rheological effects of our products at a glance. It will enable you to navigate safely through our wide range of products and find what you are looking for quickly.
MC Navigator 2: Rheology. Order the poster free of charge.

MC Navigator 2: Rheology.

Order the poster free of charge. If you use the Navigator posters we would be interested to receive feedback from you. Please write and tell us what you feel is special about them; let us know if you think something is missing, or if your experience is different from ours. We intend to update both posters regularly and will be pleased to include your suggestions.
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